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How To Master The Fear of Pigeon Holing Your Realtor Marketing Strategy

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How To Master The Fear of Pigeon Holing Your Realtor Marketing Strategy

Get past the fear of constraining or trapping yourself with a targeted strategy and leverage your Real Estate expertise to rank and grow consistent quality leads and referrals

I've talked about how important it is to get local with your target market before. It's one of the strategies I get the most push-back on from Realtors worried about pigeon holing their strategy. That fear of getting too narrow or limited in their targeting is the one of the most common objections I hear from Realtors I speak to. 

The fear is that by targeting their marketing to an area too small and specific, they'll end up stuck there or even worse, other leads might see their website content created for that targeted area and think you can't help them.

The reality is that fear of being constricted or constrained to only one small target area gets in the way of results. It's sort of like being a big fish in a small pond versus a small fish in an ocean. 

Google and other Search Engines have been getting increasingly local in how they display search results for years now. By targeting an area too broad, you're hitting yourself doubly hard because 

  • ​#1: You'll be competing against hundreds to thousands of other Realtors and small businesses to have even a hope of ranking in front of buyers and sellers. That's like pushing a boulder uphill.
  • #2: Google & other Search Engine Providers are looking for local content relevant to what that community is most commonly searching for. The chances of them showing or ranking your broad content are extremely slim.​

It's all about figuring out the right pond and swimming smoothly to the top with the use of your expertise and local knowledge to propel you up.

Then you can even jump into other ponds and repeat the same result to build yourself outwards. Still skeptical about how this can work for you? Click below to book a strategy call with me today to fine tune your perfect strategy for Referrals & Leads.

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