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How Local Should Your Online Realtor Presence Be?

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Am I Limiting Myself If I Get Too Local?

We often hear a lot of resistance from Realtors worried about limiting themselves to one local area. Real Estate isn't necessarily 'local' and a Realtor's job often takes them far afield. As a result, many Realtors want to set their Business Service Area as broad and wide as possible to catch as many people as possible. 

In reality, the nature of search is heading in the complete opposite direction. It might seem counter-intuitive, but getting more local with your Ads, Resources, and Service Area will get you much bigger results and search rankings. Kind of like a big fish in a small pond - make sure you're the biggest ranking fish in your smallest search pond, and then add other ponds, build your ranking and repeat to build out your area.

  • Get Local: Like, REALLY local. Pick a neighbourhood or community that you have knowledge, experience and relationships in
  • Create Content: Take your knowledge and expertise and turn it into relevant content for that local neighbourhood or community
  • Blog (Yes Really): Create short video blog posts with every listing in that neighbourhood - they'll help you rank locally and move you to the top of search results faster

Try it out - you'll be very happy with the results!

Click below to find out how to set up your online foundation like a pro to dominate your local area and grow it

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