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How To Leverage Neighbourhood Page Links To Rank Locally

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How To Leverage Neighbourhood Page Links To Rank Locally

Why you need to create targeted neighbourhood real estate segment pages and your website and build links back to them from everywhere else in order to rank locally in search results

How do you use local content on your website in order to rank higher in search results, attract buyers and sellers and get seen in front of your target market? You need to leverage your knowledge to create content and resources on your website that are helpful, just like you would be with your real estate clients when you're working with them. If you're not sure how local you should get with your online presence, check out this article I did about Local Online Realtor Search.

Getting super targeted is essential, then once you've identified your target area(s) down to the community and neighbourhood level, you need to create content, but what type of content and how do you build value out of all the local knowledge sitting in your head?

It doesn't have to be super techy or fancy. The most important thing is to create different specific pages on your website with unique content about your target community, neighbourhood, or complex. Think about questions like:

  • What do people love about living there?
  • ​What are the amenities like?
  • ​What types of homes are most common?
  • ​What are the most popular home features?

Then, from the overview page, create a few more pages with specific listing segments or listing features such as:

  • Homes
  • ​Townhomes
  • ​Condos
  • ​Homes With Pools
  • ​Homes With Basement Suites

Then, share more of your unique knowledge about the listing segments. It's a one time investment to set up and take all of the information you know and make it available to the community you're targeting. Once you have your pages created, linking between them (for example from a condo listing page to the neighbourhood overview page, or from a blog post about a local business to the neighbourhood overview page) will get you even more value out of the pages you created. 

Need some extra help getting started, determining the best target area, or fine tuning the rest of your Realtor Marketing strategy? Click below to book your free strategy call!

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