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How To Turn Your Listing Into A Lead Magnet & SEO Powerhouse

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How To Turn Your Listing Into A Lead Magnet

How Do You Take Your Listings and Content To The Next Level Driving Leads TO You?

If you haven't checked out how to drive buyers and sellers to your listings and what to do with your content, check out the last article I posted on what to do here. Once you have your listing and content integrated in the right place, you want to build as many pointers and online search 'votes' back to it as possible.

What does that mean? Every single post, flyer or ad you run for a listing should be like a teaser or attention grabber built to drive all of the interest generated right back to your listing, integrated on your website. 

  • Create Teaser Content: Don't give the full meal away on other sites - make sure that interested buyers and sellers come back to your website to view and consume the full details 
  • Link Back: Use links and QR codes to always always always direct the attention you've grabbed BACK to your own website to learn more or view more, to contact you or see the full details
  • Repeat Repeat Repeat!: The more interest grabbing teaser content you have out there (social posts, postcard mailers with QR codes, online ads etc) pointing to you, the more traffic you'll drive to your website, and the more Google and other Search engines will 'know' that your website is the place to go for searches related to your content! All those things linking to and pointing to your website are like online 'votes' to the search engines.

Need some help with the tech details. Our Listing Wizard service was built to take the tech out of the process to get you maximum results from your listing and more time to focus on what you do best. Click below to find out more!

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