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Why SEO Alone Won't Get You The Realtor Results You Deserve

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Why SEO Alone Won't Get You The Results You Deserve

Specialized SEO Company Want You To Spend Thousands A Month But It's Not Your Winning Ticket

I've talked to so many Realtors over the years that were looking for that one magic unicorn strategy that would take care of all their marketing, their CRM, their leads, they business follow-up process and do it all for them hands-free. Specialized SEO company would love for you to believe that they're that magic unicorn, and because it sounds so great, they convince Realtors to spend thousands a month just on SEO with promises of astounding results.

The thing is, if you don't have the reviews and the business profile foundation in place, pouring money into anything else is like pouring money into a bucket with holes -> you might catch a little, but most of it's going to fall through the bottom without generating a single lead. 

SEO is important, but it's not going to get you the results you deserve if you don't ....

  • #1: Have the Social Proof of public online reviews easily accessible and displayed on your website
  • #2: Make sure your business shows up online in search consistently and strategically​

If you don't have these two things in place, tackling your SEO alone will be like pushing a boulder up hill. Once you do, with the right strategy and the right techniques in play, it'll be more like rolling a snowball down, catching traffic and leads for you along the way.

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Brett Youngberg

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