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Top Tips For Realtor Video Marketing

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Top Tips For Realtor Video Marketing

What You Need To Post & Where To Post It For Maximum Impact

    Videos can have extremely strong results in search ranking when created with the right, relevant content, and posted in the right place. There are two key elements to Realtor Video Marketing: What you post and Where you post it.

    You can check out more about where to post your videos in my post all about why you should use YouTube for leverage Here. But what about the what? Let’s dive a bit deeper into the ‘what’ of your Realtor videos online so you can build the perfect strategy for maximum impact.
  • #1 Get SUPER Local: The more local the better. Google and other Search Engines are looking local, so the more local your content is, the more likely it is to be featured in search results
  • #2 Make It Relevant: You know your local neighbourhood. You don't have to reinvent the wheel to make relevant content that your community is interested in and searching for. I always recommend collaborating with local businesses or community events. Whatever you’re interested in, make sure it’s locally interesting to your neighbourhood
  • #3 Post It On Your Blog: I know, I know. Blog posting is THE most dreaded task after recording a video, but just a little targeted text about what, why and for who you’re recording for will help those local search engines get behind you and propel you to the top of search results for your content
  • #4 Get Links: This one can seem too techy or complicated at times, but doesn't have to be. Think about ways that you can direct other webpages (pages on your own website, or from other websites) back to your page. One of THE single most impactful things you can do for your content ranking is to not only parter with and promote super local businesses, but to get them to link back to your website for the content you're promoting! Then, link within your own site to relevant pages. All of those links are like 'votes' on search engines proving that your content is popular enough to be shown more often.

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