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Switching Realtor Website Providers

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Switching Realtor Website Providers

Why switching Real Estate website providers isn't the thing that's going to provide you the marketing results you're looking for (and what to focus on instead)

Have you been thinking about switching Realtor website providers? You're definitely not alone. I had a client recently that had been making enough website provider switches to make your head spin: from Boomtown to KVcore back to Boomtown, and getting ready to make yet another switch on top of that! They were falling into a common trap, chasing an ever-elusive result and the promises each website provider made them. One of the most common (and most expensive) business changes I see Realtors make is changing up the Real Estate website provider to chase big promised marketing results. Unfortunately, the thing that I don't hear or see a lot of are exceptional results actually coming from making that switch. 

While there are a LOT of website providers out there that tend to promise more than they deliver, there are also some key things that you can be doing as a Realtor to get results from even the most basic website.

  • Track Your Stats: Make sure you have real insight into what's happening with your current site. Find out how many people your website is attracting daily, weekly, monthly. Find out how well you're currently being found on Google and other search engines. Make sure you have insight into what's actually working and what's missing before considering any switches
  • Build Local Content: If you want to achieve success in search and ranking, you need to build up relevant local content that real buyers and sellers in your target are are searching for. Then you can loop back to your stats to see how well the changes you're making are impacting the things you really want to see happening.
  • Save Your Existing Site: IF you do decide to make a switch to a new provider, I strongly, strongly recommend paying to keep your existing site archived on your old providers servers just in case you end up needing to switch back. I've seen it happen many many times, and there's almost nothing more painful than spending thousands on a new website than having to go back and spend thousands more re-creating your old website!

I've seen clients cut their website visitors by 90% because they didn't have the insight into what was currently happening on their website and thought the grass would be greener with a new provider. Instead of getting better results, they lost even the small traction they already had in their local market. 

So.. before you make a switch, make sure you have a strategy. Know your traffic. Know your search data. Know what you have working for you right now and then decide if you still want to make a change. 

If you're not sure where to start, or how to get insights into your current website, click below to book a strategy call so that we can talk through what you have going for you and what really needs attention to get you the Real Estate Marketing results that you deserve.

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