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Service Area or Location Realtor Business On Google As a Realtor?

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Service Area or Location Business On Google As a Realtor?

Should you set your business profile up as a Service Area or a Location business on Google and other Search Sites as a Realtor?

It can be overwhelming to set up all of your business profiles online. One of the key hurdles that can be extremely daunting as a Realtor is deciding whether to set your business up as a Service Area or a Location Business on Google. Not only does it need to be addressed with your Google Business Profile, but profile sites like Bing (Microsoft), Yelp and others are beginning to require this as well. So, how do you know the best option for your business?

Location Business Profile

A Location Business simply means that you have a specific 'pin' on the map with a visible business address. Location specific business typically perform better and are easier to increase ranking within their area because of that visible pin on the map. Location Businesses are the most common - if your registered brokerage office is located within your target area / city then look no further. You can setup your business as a Location Business, using your office address as your 'pin' in the map!

Service Area Business Profile

A Service Area Business means that you who up as though there were a specific address 'pin' on the map, but that address is hidden from public view. As a result of this, your business show up as an area or radius with a hidden address. Service Area Business Profiles can be a bit more challenging to establish and grow ranking for, but can be a better option in some cases.

Example: If your target farm area is outside or far from your brokerage address, then you will likely benefit from setting your business up as a Service Area using an address within your target area and then 'hiding' it on your business profiles. This can be more common for Realtors because quite often your local governing body requires you to use your registered brokerage address for your advertising, but your actual target business area may be in a different area or even city! The distance between your business and the area your target market are searching in matters. Service Area Business profiles allow you to set your profile in your target area and take advantage of that while still remaining compliant.

Questions To Ask Yourself

  • Board Local Requirements: Does your governing body require you to use your registered brokerage address on your advertising materials?
  • Target Area: Where is your target market, the area you have the most experience, knowledge, business history, or interest in building up your reputation and client base?
  • Brokerage Location: Is your brokerage location inside your target area?

Still not quite sure the best option for you? Click the link below to book a strategy call with me to review your specific goals and pin down the options that will best suit your business, get you ranking and get more leads and referrals contacting you

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