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Why Shiny Realtor Marketing Strategies Don't Work

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Why Shiny Realtor Marketing Strategies Don't Work

How To Cut To The Quick & Filter Out What Works From What Doesn't

Realtors are one of the most marketed-to business groups, and as a result, are inundated with a constant flow of "newer", "better", "smarter", shiny marketing strategies weekly if not daily. Unfortunately, the most common thread of these shiny strategies is that more often than not, they do not deliver real, long term results. Not only does this leave you out of pocket, but it creates an industry of marketing hungry, but gun-shy business professionals. You know you have to market your business, but with the odds seemingly stacked against you getting real results, it can feel near impossible to know which choice to make (and who to trust). It feels like you're missing some sort of secret everyone else must be in on, so you dive in once again and try the next strategy to hit your doorstep.

So why do these strategies so often fail to work? Why don't they deliver on the quick, miraculous results they promise? Whether it be SEO masterminds, website gurus, lead generation machines or content pros, the most significant problem they share is that they all focus on one isolated part of your marketing, often ignoring all others (while still requiring full budget dollar investments). It's like pouring all of your resources into a bucket that has 10 other holes in the bottom all needing attention too - you end up with not much to show for it.

The good news, is that nothing is as bad as it sounds. You can break the cycle of Realtor marketing strategy hopping, and you can do it with a lot of the tools you already have. Just like with a house, you need to start with your foundation. Realtors are so heavily marketed to because all of their supporting industries know how important ranking and exposure (online or real world) is to their business. What they often don't see, or don't know how to provide, is the connection between your reputation and your marketing systems. Once you connect them, not only do you get your reputation generating business for you, but you build a foundation that can't be beat. Whether you're brand new to the Real Estate industry just starting out, preparing for a move to a new area, or looking to get a handle on your long term solid reputation, it's all a lot more doable than you think.

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