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Leveraging Multiple CRMs to Manage Your Realtor Client List

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Leveraging Multiple CRMs to Manage Your Realtor Client List

How To Find The Right Balance Of Customer Relationship Management Tools For Your Business As A Realtor

As a Realtor, the tools that you use for your business change as your business needs grow, and as technology adapts and new options show up in the marketplace. What you need in year 3 as a Real Estate Agent will rarely look much like what you needed in year 1. A common uncertainty that I hear from Realtors is that they often feel like they're doing something wrong, or are missing out on some secret everyone else knows when it comes to managing their client database. If they don't have one single powerhouse CRM to manage all of their clients, they feel like they're disorganized and lacking.

There's this idea out there that as a Realtor, you're supposed to have all of your clients perfectly, impeccably organized, tagged, and segmented within one system, and that anything else must be disorganized and worse, ineffective. This premise is the marketing foundation that a lot of big ticket CRM's rely on - they want you to believe you're doing it wrong so that they can provide the magic solution. 

The advice I give to my clients when this comes up is typically that if they're particular set of systems is working for them, then it's working! I know.. sounds like a bit of a cop out, but it's true. Your business has changed, but you put certain systems, spreadsheets or platforms into place as you needed them. I have yet to meet a Realtor (or anyone in business for that matter) that has 'everything all figured out'. It's ok if you've adopted different markeitng systems over the years, with one system handling what aspect of your marketing, and another system driving something more smoothly than the first. It's ok to use more than one tool.

There are two recommendations I make if you're looking to level up your client management systems:

  • Easy CRM Option: If you don't have one yet, or really want to make a change, try Streak, an easy Real Estate specific CRM compatible with Gmail
  • Automations: Use an automation tool like Zapier to automatically update your Customer & Prospect Audeicen on Google Ads or Facebook so that you can target your past clients online

Still not feeling totally confident about your systems? Click below to book a free strategy call with me today to go over them, find out what's working and what needs some attention. You probably have a lot more going for you than you think!

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