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How Your Realtor Reputation Can Do The Work For You

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How Your Realtor Reputation Can Do The Work For You

Turn Your Happy Sellers Into Positive Public Reviews That Do The Work For You!

You know public reviews are important, but did you know they can do a LOT of work for you long after you get them? There are three key ways that your reviews and your online Realtor reputation can work for you when you get your review system setup and running smoothly and regularly.

#1 The Psychology Of Reviews

The first one is all about psychology, proven to work time and time again. Something funny happens when a client leaves a positive public review for you - they become exponentially more likely to recommend you later offline, in the real world to friends, family or even that nice lady in the check-out line at the grocery store. There is a mental shift that occurs when someone states their support for you with a public review and it can often reap your benefits for years to come in terms of quality referrals coming your way.

#2 Social Proof

Second. Your reputation and those public reviews from real happy clients will make it more likely that your referrals will reach out and get in touch. Online reviews today are like the social proof to back up all of those positive recommendations you’re getting out in the real world. Think about how you found the last restaurant you ate at or tool you bought on Amazon - chances are you checked out what other people had to say about it first! Building a system of regular, ongoing public reviews is one of THE single most impactful marketing systems you can put in place. Check out more on review recency vs. frequency here

#3 Climbing Rankings

As your public review consistency continues over time and the more regular, ongoing positive public reviews you have on sites like Google, Yellowpages and Yelp, the more search engines will recognize that you’re a relevant business that should be shown more in search, higher in the results, more often. All of the things you want when it comes to your reputation online!

Still not quite sure where to start with your strategy? Trying a few things but not seeing the results you should be? Click below to book your custom strategy call to see what you've got working on the playing field and what might still be sitting in the wings waiting to be leveraged.

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